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Tablets are the most widely used method of drug delivery & is one of the most common form of medication. With globalization, it is more & more imperative for companies to produce medication & ship them in a safe, sure & efficient way in the form of this Tablets what is termed as a part of OSD manufacturing in Pharma. About 70% of the Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing comprises of OSD manufacturing.

Cadmach is at the forefront, since more than 50 years, delivering high quality & high efficiency Tablet Presses to the life sciences/Pharmceuticals industry. Tablet Press hence found major application in Pharmaceuticals industry where extensively OSD i.e Oral Solid Dosage in form of Medicinal tablets are to be manufactured. Cadmach being the largest supplier of Tablet Press units in Pharma, accrues its 90% business from Pharmaceuticals industry.

In addition to pharmaceutical industry, Tablet Press, Roll compactors are also being increasingly used in a variety of industries to compress materials as diverse as Ayurvedic Tablets, Silica, Salts, Detergents & Metals.

Cadmach Tablet Presses can be found in the below industries as :

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