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Tablet Press Cadpress IV

Cadpress IV is a Double Rotary Excellence highly preferred for high batch production. The machine is extremely reliable and trusted since last more than 20 years of its inception and incorporates many of the proven features of the Cadpress family of pharma manufacturing machines. CPD-4 is offered in 45D, 55B, 69BB & 75BB Turret Configurations. Important Specifications:
  • Dial Present in Front for fine tuning tablet parameters
  • Pre compaction available of 10 kN & Main compaction of 100 kN
  • Bi-Layer Tableting available
  • Uniquely designed Helical Ring and Pinion Drive Gearbox by CADMACH
  • Compaction Force Control (CFC) system for Auto Weight Control with 15” Touch-screen Computer Panel for SCADA
  • Single Tablet Rejection even at highest speed of operation
  • Zero Clearance Force Feeding System
No. of station45556975
Type of toolingDBBBBB
Rated output (tablets / hour)*65,000 to 324,00079,000 to 396,00099,000 to 497,000108,000 to 540,000
Max. Compaction force-Main (kN)100656565
Max. Compaction force-Pre (kN)10
Max. Tablet diameter (mm)25161313
Max. Depth of die fill (mm)20171717
Max. Tablet thickness (mm)8
Upper punch penetration-Main comp. (mm)3 to 6
Main ele. motor (kW / hp)7.5 / 10.0
Power consumption (kW / hp)8.75 / 11.7
Power supply220 / 380 / 415 / 480 V +10%, 3 Ph., 50 / 60 Hz
Overall dimensions (cm)156 W x 161 D x 196 H
Net weight (kg)3745
  • *Depending upon tooling size & shape and also material characteristics.
  • We reserve rights of alteration because of technical progress.