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Ferrites, Electronics and Defence Industries

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Ferrites, Electronics and Defence Industries

Ferrites are ceramic compounds of the transition metals with oxygen, which are ferromagnetic but nonconductive. Ferrites that are used in transformer or electromagnetic cores contain iron oxides combined with nickel, zinc, and/or manganese compounds.

There are two broad applications for ferrite cores which differ in size and frequency of operation: signal transformers, which are of small size and higher frequencies, and power transformers, which are of large size and lower frequencies. For the production of ferrite cores, special compression equipment is required. Cadmach has the requisite experience in producing ferrites via tablet presses and know-how to provide equipment that meets stringent needs of high output, uniform production & maintenance free operations for its equipment. Special designs & materials are used to provide wear resistance & stability to the equipment, ensuring maximum availability of the presses.

Similarly in defence industries as well for manufacturing pellets, tablet press is used in Artilleries manufacturing. Cadmach has been pioneer in supplying Tablet Press in the ordinance factories and other material suppliers related to Defence industries.

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