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Silica has widespread industrial applications like used as a food additive i.e., anti-caking agent, as a means to clarify beverages, control viscosity, as an anti-foaming agent, dough modifier and as an excipient in drugs and vitamins.

Precipitated silica is an amorphous form of silica; it is a white, powdery material produced by precipitation from a solution containing silicate salts. Precipitated silica products are used as high-performance flatting agents, thickening agents and anti-corrosion pigments to improve the performance, workability and sustainability of coatings, paints, inks, adhesives, and sealants. In order to use this precipitated silica in above applications as an intermediate it is very important to increase its bulk density. Cadmach has played a pivotal role as a market leader by supplying specially Silica Application Based designed Roll Compactor machines in major silica and produced roll compactor for silica manufacturers across India and have been in the market as a Roll compactor manufacturer for more than 15 years in order to achieve higher bulk density of Silica granules.