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Tablet Press CTX IIA

The Cadmach CTX IIA is a high speed Single Rotary Pharmaceutical compression machine built on the latest principles of tablet machine technology. A unique 3 Pillar Design CTX IIA is a versatile and economical tablet press for High batch production. The machine primarily offers simplicity of operation, operator safety and ease of maintenance. The CTX IIA Tablet Press is offered in 37D, 45B, 55BB & 61BB Turret configurations. Important Specifications:
  • Dial-less model - All Tablet parameters can be Fine Tuned through the electronic touch panel
  • Pre-compaction available of 15 kN & Main Compression of 100 kN
  • Uniquely designed Oil Immersed Central Drive Gearbox by CADMACH
  • Compaction Force Control (CFC) system for Auto Weight Control with 15” Touch-screen Computer Panel for SCADA
  • Single Tablet Rejection even at highest speed of operation
  • 3 Pillar design concept makes the machine sturdy, compact, light weight and mobile, which is the current need of the pharma industry
  • Zero Clearance Force Feeding System
  • Super Thick Upper Guards designed especially for Sound Reduction & Operator Safety
No. of station37455561
Type of toolingDBBBBB
Rated output (tablets / hour)*26,600 to 155,40032,400 to 189,00039,600 to 231,00043,900 to 256,200
Max. Compaction force-Main (kN)100656565
Max. Compaction force-Pre (kN)15
Max. Tablet diameter (mm)25161313
Max. Depth of die fill (mm)20161616
Max. Tablet thickness (mm)8.5
Upper punch penetration-Main comp. (mm)3 to 6
Main ele. motor (kW / hp)5.5 / 7.5
Power consumption (kW / hp)6.75 / 9.00
Power supply220 / 380 / 415 / 480 V +10%, 3 Ph., 50 / 60 Hz
Overall dimensions (cm)117 W x 161 D x 197.5 H
Net weight (kg)2150
  • *Depending upon tooling size & shape and also material characteristics.
  • We reserve rights of alteration because of technical progress.