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Roll Compactor 300/330

Roll Compactor 300/330 is a compact and efficient horizontal feeding based machine with the rated output of max 1 ton/hour. This Roll compactor comes with De-aeration System which escapes the residual air from the charging material with the help of vacuum in the feeding chamber. This helps to increase the output by optimizing the bulk density of material before compaction and also to prevent roll jamming due to powder logging.

Important Specifications:
  • Compacting Roll surface – Corrugated / Knurled / Briquetted / Smooth & Special shapes for Silica products-Options available
  • Vacuum De-aeration System
  • Upper compacting roll is under Hydraulic Pressure i.e Floated
  • The Compacting Pressure is infinitely adjustable within the limit through hydraulic system
  • Electrical Interlock for proper position at feed screw base assembly to avoid accident
  • Design conforming to cGMP norms
  • PLC control with HMI Touch Screen & Printing Facility
  • ACVFD for main motor
  • Special Stirrer and Charging Hopper
  • Specially designed Pre-Breaker attachment for silica products
Compacting roll size (mm)300 Dia. x 330 W.
Roll surface (Selection depends upon material characteristics)Standard (a) Corrugated Additional Options (a) Smooth (b) Knurled (c) Briquetted (e) Special Shape for silica product
Max. Output (kg / hour) *1000
Max. Hyd. system pressure (kN)400
Roll speed (rpm) (By step pulley)5 to 24
Feed screw speed (rpm) (Through ACVFD)10 to 90
Ele. motor for roll drive (kW / hp)14.9 / 20.0
Power consumption (kW / hp)20.9 / 28-0
Power supply220 / 380 / 415 / 480 V +10%, 3 Ph., 50 / 60 Hz
Overall dimensions (cm)213 W x 273 D x 140 H (Basic unit height) (Plus stand height)
Net weight (kg)5600 + Structure Weight
  • *Depending upon material characteristics and roll surface.
  • *Because of technical progress, we reserve rights of alteration.