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Cadmach Roll Compactors has found a great success in the market with experience of over 25 years of supply. Roll Compactors application is to increase the bulk density of the powder by compacting powder into flakes which are further granuled, resulting in increased size of granules and hence the bulk density. Cadmach has got five different models of production roll compactors with capacity of compacting 50 kg to 1000 kgs/hour of granules.

Roll compactors are used extensively in industries like Pharmaceuticals, Precipitated Silica, Bulk Drugs, Chemicals, Refractory, Additives etc. It provides a great packaging advantage and tremendously saves on the logistics cost of the organisation.

Advantages of Roller Compaction :

  • To Optimize Bulk Density for increase in Compressibility
  • To Control dust while tableting the granules prepared by compacted flakes
  • To Optimize the uniformity of particle sizes while granulating the flakes
  • To Optimize particle hardness in order to enable the milling of flakes obtained from fines
  • Cost Advantage in Packaging and Logistics with high density granules.

Cadmach Roll Compactors are available in Five models as RC 300/330, RC 200/150, RC 200/100, RC 200/70 & RC 200/50 as per the defined capacity.