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History – Foundation of CADMACH

Shri JV Khambatta

About us

Shri Ramanbhai Patel

About us

The first-generation entrepreneurs, Shri JV Khambatta and Shri Ramanbhai Patel, founders of Cadmach, were stalwarts of the Indian Pharma-Machinery Industry in the 21st century.

Soon after independence, when India was heavily dependent on imports of Pharmaceuticals Machines, the determined and dynamic JV Khambatta & Ramanbhai Patel along with Indravadan Modi set out to prove that an indigenous company could provide innovative, research-based quality pharma machines by setting up Cadmach Machinery in 1967 in Ahmedabad City of India as the first Tablet Press machine manufacturers of Asia-Pacific.

Cadmach today stands testimony to Shri Jayantilal khambhatta’s & Shri Ramanbhai Patel’s visionary foresight in the field of Pharma-Machinery and today Cadmach enjoys the distinction of being one of the largest Tablet Press Manufacturers of the World in terms of units/annum.

The unmatchable technical expertise of Shri JV Khambatta utilised in the evolution of Indian Tablet Press machine through a span of 53 years will always make him remembered as the “Father of Tablet Press Machine” in Asia- Pacific region for ages.

Quality Philosophy

At CADMACH, we will ensure quality in every aspect of business, including product, people or our response to customers.
We will deliver products in time and will continuously improve our business process to meet the needs of our customers and work environment.
We will continue to believe in teamwork to achieve the Right Quality, Timely Services and Excellent Workmanship.
The Team Follows a Strategic R&D Routine
Easy to use advanced technology

To be a worldwide leader in pharmaceutical manufacturing technologies, especially in oral solid dosage manufacture.

CADMACH is the only Indian company in this market segment to receive the prestigious Import Substitution Award, twice from the Government of India. Cadmach has also been awarded multiple times, the highest export award by the Engineering Export Promotion Council of India.

Associate Companies
Cadmach, along with its range of products & offerings from partner companies, is a total solution provider for the manufacture of high quality solid dosage medicines. At Cadmach, we always do more for enhancing your operational quality & effectiveness

CMC Machinery

CMC Machinery is international sales division which caters to the needs of the international customers via its various channels of agencies and distributors.


Supplier of sterile equipments especially, complete lines for Ampoule Filling.

Kevin Process Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Process Equipment for the Solid Dosage Manufacture. Especially Tablet Coating & Granulation Systems.

Kevin Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Factory Automation / Regulatory Compliance Services for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Vac-U-Max Asia Pvt. Ltd.

Pneumatic Conveying Systems for Pharmaceutical Applications. Joint Venture company with Vac-U-Max of USA.